Purdue Delta Chi members study a wide range of fields, ranging from engineering, sciences, education, and business, just to name a few.  These fields are typically challenging, but with membership in the Delta Chi fraternity, students have the resources for academic success.  The Delta Chi fraternity house has dedicated study halls for its members and quiet times during the school week, encouraging a focus on academics.  Members of Delta Chi also have the opportunity to study with their Brothers or ask for tutoring from upperclassmen.

Because Delta Chi members have access to these resources, they maintained a GPA above the All-Fraternity average of more than 40 fraternities (ranked 8th) and above the All-Men’s average.


Delta Chi members know that athletics provide a excellent break from their studies. Athletics encourage physical fitness, teamwork, fun, and community service.

Many Delta Chi students are involved in athletics on campus.  Delta Chi placed 5th in Intramural sports in 2013, winning the indoor soccer, outdoors soccer, and sand volleyball championships.  Delta Chi was also one of 25 fraternities and sororities that hosted the Ride for Life & Dodgeball philanthropies, raising more than $140,000 for the Jimmy V. Foundation.  Some Delta Chi members participate in Division 1 NCAA athletics for Purdue.


Jimmy V. Foundation

All undergraduate and alumnus members of The Delta Chi Fraternity have joined hands in fighting cancer together and named The V Foundation for Cancer Research as its preferred philanthropic organization. Each year, Delta Chi chapters and colonies raise tens of thousands of dollars fo international and local charitable organizations. It is the hope of Delta Chi that if all chapters unite their services and resources to benefit a single organization, Delta Chi can make a greater impact on that organization.

Steve Bossart, “AA” (International President) of the Fraternity said,  “Delta Chi is excited and honored to be working with the V Foundation.  Cancer has had an effect on every person”s life in some way. This  partnership allows Delta Chi to help lead the fight against cancer.”  Delta Chi chapters and colonies have contributed more than 223,000 man-hours to community service and have raised more than $1 million for charitable organizations. Its partnership with The V Foundation will allow Delta Chi to focus those efforts towards benefiting a single cause and organization.

Other Charities

While the V. Foundation is our primary charitable organization, chapters and colonies are still able to raise resources or services for any other local or international charitable organization.  In fact, chapters may choose to contribute to both a local organization and the V. Foundation.  The Purdue Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity hosts annually, two philanthropies a year:  one in the fall (which has changed every year) & one in the spring which is Dodgeball.  In addition, the Chapter also participates in many other fraternity and sorority philanthropies.