Our Chapter

Purdue Delta Chi Fraternity was installed as a chapter in June, 1927 at the old Sigma Delta Epsilon fraternity house at 417 Waldron, Street, West Lafayette, Indiana. The charter members of the Purdue Chapter include:

Donald Elliot Gates
Oran Edgar Ross
Paul Frederick Bahler
Raymond Jesse Hull
Thomas Arthur Alexander
Edwin Geisler
Donald Birdell Roberts
Ellery Albert Robinson
Harold Leonard Wheeler
Presnall Smith
Nolan Dale Walker

George Samuel Lyle
Howard Granville Reed
George William Riemenschnedier
William Paul Risinger
Charles Feutrail Ryan
Donald Speer
Horace Alfred Veit
F. W. Lancaster
I.D. Watson
J.B. Tindall

Purdue University had 2993 men enrolled and 500 women enrolled with 50 buildings, 173 professors, 95 instructors and 46 assistants. In 1927, 29 national fraternities and 3 locals were already on campus including Sigma Delta Epsilon. Sigma Delta Epsilon was founded in 1916 as a chapter of Phi Delta Chi, a chemical and pharmacuetical fraternity. No local chapter existed previously. During WWI, the idea of maintaining a fraternity house was abandoned, so in 1919 a new start was made and in 1921 a house at 417 was purchased. S.D.E. severed their relationship with Phi Delta Chi in 1926 over unresolved issues.

Upon an overwhelming agreement with the the S.D.E. men at Purdue, the Delta Chi Fraternity, which by then was headquartered in Iowa City, Iowa, decided to install their newest chapter at Purdue University. O.K. Patton was in attendance for the installation as was the fraternity “AA” and “DD”. Several Indiana Delta Chi chapter members were also in attendance.

During the summer of 1928, the chapter sold their 417 Waldron Street house and moved to 351 Northwestern to their new home, Biscay Villa. The plans to build Biscay Villa were approved by D.E. Gates in December, 1926. Myron Pugh was the architect. Crowl contractors (the same firm built the Indiana Chapter house) was the contracting company. Construction costs were approved for $60,000 with a 36 member capacity. 

The chapter survived WWII, when many fraternities closed down their facilities as their members fought overseas. Since then, many outstanding men have served the Purdue Chapter proudly, including Paul R. Quick ’21, Nolan D. Walker ’28, Victor T. Johnson ’32, Paul L.Roelke 36′, Merlin M. Harlowe ’34,  Marvin Bailey ’69 and Basil T. Bauch. The Purdue Chapter has over 1500 living and deceased alumni.

Today, located at 501 Russell Street, the Purdue Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity has one of the best chapter house locations at Purdue with over 20,000 square feet of living space and beds for 82 men. It is also one of the best fraternity facilities with a devoted full-time cooking staff, cleaning personnel, and contractors that allow the brothers of the Delta Chi Fraternity to live in a clean, safe, and healthy environment. Over the past several years, the chapter house has been renovated multiple times to enhance the living experiences for the brothers of the fraternity.  These improvements include renovations to the: foyer, kitchen, dining room, basement, bathrooms, living quarters, air conditioning, fire alarm system, satellite TV, roof, fire suppression system, library rooms, landscaping, utilities, pool and TV room. These improvements that have totaled over $750,000 allowing for a superior fraternal experience.